Janelle Skeete

Janelle on a recent shoot for Pink Lemonade Clothing line.

The brain child behind Fabulash.........

I recently did a photo shoot with the amazing Claire Dottin, the brain child behind 'FABULASH'. Most fashionable ladies of today go to Claire in order to acquire eyelash enhancements. So if you want to update your image for a fresh, new, fabulous look, she can help. You can feel better about yourself and impress others. Get a whole new, brighter attitude; visit Claire at Fabulash


Photo shoot with Genuwine

On Sunday I did a photo shoot with a very ambition young male model. For this particular shoot I had absolutely no concept in mine. I also wanted to challenge myself and shoot with only ambient light. Well that didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. I ended up using one speed light (SB900).

Hayley & Hasani Belle

A few weeks ago we completed another amazing shoot with Hayley and her adorable son Hasani. They had a blast. As usual it's always a tough job keeping a little toddler focused on the camera. Everything around him seems to be a distraction. None the less we managed and produced some images they will cherish forever.

Photo shoot with Melodie Johnson

Melodie was just amazing to work with. She has all the moves a photographer could ever want. I hardly needed to give any direction. The images below where taken at Port St. Charles around midday. Not the best conditions to work in as far as light is concerned with the sun directly over head. However with my Alien Bee Strobe and one of my favorite light modifiers, I was able to over power the sun and produce some pleasing images. Thanks again Melodie and I look forward to shooting with you again.

Trudi B with Wire Mesh

Aspiring model Trudi Brathwaite graced me with her presence and allowed me to do a photo shoot that was playing around in my mind for quite some time. Head shot of a model behind some wire mesh. The makeup job needed to 'POP' through this wire mesh and makeup artist Natasha Fields made sure that happened for me.

We also did some beauty shots and boy did she do well.

I purchased the wire mesh from home depot. When I made the purchase I though maybe I should buy a number of rolls and I have some more ideas for this stuff. Hope to post those ideas here on my blog sometime in the near future.

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Vanessa Mel

Last week we received a call from a potential model and she and inquired as to our ability to do body art. It's not something we've done many times before, however we thought we'd give it a shot. My wife being an artist, how hard can it be? We told the client sure, we can do it!

Well Lisa said I can do the body art but Natasha (my sister) and regular Make-up artist will have to deal with the make-up side of things. It so happened Natasha was unavailable and Lisa was tasked with the entire job.

She did pretty good and she's now looking forward to a bigger challenge. You go Lisa!

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Ryan and Chantal

Thanks to my buddy Mark Atkins, recently I had the pleasure of assisting him on one of his many Wedding Shoots. We had the most amazing sky to work with that evening and I just had to post one of the photos I was able to capture here. Photo above compliments of Mark Atkins.  

Pauline's Photo Shoot

Pleasantly surprised today, my friend Lana Agard-Maxwell asked me in passing, "hey did you know you were mentioned in the local papers on Friday?" My reply to her was "NO!" I didn't know that. Just my luck I hardly ever read the local Advocate. Guess I should start now yes? Well as luck would have it for me, one of my contented models (Pauline Rouiller from France) enjoyed her photo shoot experience with me and she also had the resources needed to write a brief article in the local newspaper.

Here's what she had to say verbatim.

"Third one, by Shawn Fields. Oh waw professional make up, clothes changing, this is another level! OH WAW there is actually a studio downstairs! I suddenly hope I understood well the purpose of the afternoon. I know what you think right now, going to a dark basement with a man you don't know is not to do. But, his wife and kids are assistants! Reassured?

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They are very nice and make me feel more relaxed. He gives precise instructions so I don't have to use my expressions and moves talent too much. Whew. After hundreds of 'clicks', 4 or 5 pictures look.....not bad."

Many thanks Pauline and looking forward to shooting with you very soon again. You were awesome to work with.

Your makeup artist (Natasha Fields-Gittens) says she enjoyed working with you as well and look forward to the next time.

As always thanks to my faithful assistants (Lisa, Shana and Joaquim).

Nadia Nicole

Thanks to my photo buddy Mark Atkins, I was finally able to grab a few shots of one of his favorite models "Nadia Nicole". This girl is awesome. I really enjoyed having her in front of my lens. Her make-up artist Sharon Belle also did a splendid job getting Nicole ready for her shoot. The Photo shoot was primarily Mark's photo shoot to display some splendid clothing by Cindy Mayers for her Mother Earth collection. Can't wait to have another photo shoot with Nicole. [gallery columns="2"]

What to Wear for Portrait Sessions

I say it all the time, however I still think that communication is the most important aspect of portrait photography, especially for posing. You may start to discuss this during your first contact with the client. To make the best possible portrait, you need to start before a subject arrives at your studio or location. A few simple tips suggested to subjects can make their session go better, and help them enjoy the portraits produced during the session, which hopefully translates into more clients and repeat business. Let's face it, as I always say "most of us do this because we love it" however the equipment is not free. Nothing detracts from a subject’s face more than clothes covered in busy patterns and prints. Your attire depends on the type of portraits we're looking to create.

Things don’t always work out as we'd like and we often have to work with what we have. Although you might prefer that a portrait subject bring solid colors to a shoot (not WHITE if possible), that doesn’t always happen out here in the real world. So when the clothes aren't working you can try shooting tight. This will avoid the possibly distracting clothes.

Cropping tightly helps the portrait somewhat but it won’t always work to minimize the busy pattern of a subject's clothing. When this happens you can try changing to Black and White.

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Photoshoot with Joaquim

Joaquim and I decided to do a quick photoshoot yesterday to test out a new 24x36 softbox to give some dramatic lighting using just one light. We took a few shoots using a second light to give a little rim lighting effect. However he preferred the one light photos more. [gallery columns="4"]

Years of Wisdom

  [caption id="attachment_477" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Colin with Guitar "]Colin with Guitar[/caption]


A man of many words, wisdom far beyond my years. This man know as Colin has enlightened me with knowledge for many years now. Unknown to him he’s the reason I’ve made many wise decisions in life.

[caption id="attachment_478" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Colin in deep thought."]Colin in deep thought.[/caption]

As one who’s been educated far more than many of us today, lives a very simple life with a great appreciate for the natural surrounding. His burning desire to explore his vast garden on a daily basis if far more than you can ever imagine. Totally unplanned I visited him with my wife on Monday August 1st  2011, and as I sat there and listened I thought it would be fitting to document this legend in my eyes with my camera. I asked and he concurred with my request.


Miss. Barbados World 2011 Group Shot

It's been a real honour working with these lovely young ladies. Best of luck to you all. Special thanks to Leah Marville (Former Miss Barbados World) and Tashida Cox (Define Beauty Boutique). [caption id="attachment_406" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Miss. Barbados 2011 Group Shot"]Miss. Barbados 2011 Group Shot[/caption] 







Left to right: Paige, Sedia, Dianne, Taisha, Lyngeolle, Marielle, Nicola.