Apricot Tortellini

Here's some more images taken for Pastry Box. These images were taken with window light and a diffuser (curtain). The pastry was placed on a piece of foam core and I reflected a bit of light back to the front of the pastry with another small piece of foam core I carry around in my camera bag. I can't remember my exact camera settings, however this will vary depending on the lighting conditions. I shot in manual and believe I used ISO 400, F8 with a shutter speed of 1/8s. Yes I used a tripod.

Macro bug.....

While on holiday, I made every effort to take as many photos as humanly possible. However things don’t always work out as we’d like, needless to say I was unable to fulfill my goal. Somehow I did manage to take a shot or two so I’ll post something here now for you to see. I did a macro shot of a bug. Macro photography requires a bit of patience when taking moving subjects, so you can imagine my frustration with this particular series of photos being a very impatient person.

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