Apricot Tortellini

Here's some more images taken for Pastry Box. These images were taken with window light and a diffuser (curtain). The pastry was placed on a piece of foam core and I reflected a bit of light back to the front of the pastry with another small piece of foam core I carry around in my camera bag. I can't remember my exact camera settings, however this will vary depending on the lighting conditions. I shot in manual and believe I used ISO 400, F8 with a shutter speed of 1/8s. Yes I used a tripod.

Local Pastry Shop

Earlier this week I visited a local pastry shop around 8pm to discuss some photography services I'll be doing for them. It was my wife's birthday, and the kids and I were suppose to be taking her our for dinner. Anyway such is life. It turned out quite lovely in the end anyway. The owner of the pastry shop made us dinner and it was quite lovely, we all enjoyed it. The kids had some gelato ice cream and italian pastry afterwards.Hopefully I'll be able to post many more images from this pastry shop in the near future.

Chocolate Dome


Dessert from Shana

Shana wanted to do something nice for her dad and thought it would be a good idea to buy him some dessert from her favorite patisserie shop. Dad welcomes your kind thoughts Shana. However just having you here is more than enough for me, don't get me wrong though the cake was awesome. :)