Chalky Mount Pottery

Yesterday I visited a local pottery with my photographer buddy Mark Atkins. As luck would have it, we assumed it'd be quiet and should be able to take some photos in a very relaxing atmosphere. However that was not the case. We turned up along with a school tour and it was total chaos. The local potter had absolutely no time for a portrait to be taken of him in his environment. Mark and I re-scheduled with him for another day that could be deemed far more suitable. Ideas flowed as I watched the potter throw on his wheel. I look forward to our pending shoot. I was still able to capture a few shots of some of his work before I left.

Apricot Tortellini

Here's some more images taken for Pastry Box. These images were taken with window light and a diffuser (curtain). The pastry was placed on a piece of foam core and I reflected a bit of light back to the front of the pastry with another small piece of foam core I carry around in my camera bag. I can't remember my exact camera settings, however this will vary depending on the lighting conditions. I shot in manual and believe I used ISO 400, F8 with a shutter speed of 1/8s. Yes I used a tripod.

Dessert from Shana

Shana wanted to do something nice for her dad and thought it would be a good idea to buy him some dessert from her favorite patisserie shop. Dad welcomes your kind thoughts Shana. However just having you here is more than enough for me, don't get me wrong though the cake was awesome. :)


Product Shots

Photography covers so many different topics it's unbelievable.Some photographers specialize in one area and some find it far more exciting to cover many different areas. I can't really say what area I'm mostly attracted to and therefore find myself being challenged to cover so many different topics in this field. Recently I've been asked to take some product shots of a teddy bear for my moms website (go figure). So here's the setup:-


I used a large softbox as the background.

Two (2) strobes left and right of camera with shoot-through umbrellas.

The product was placed on foam core with a piece of plexi-glass for reflection. These reflections can be done in post using Photoshop, however it's always best to get as much done in camera as possible.