Hayley & Hasani Belle

A few weeks ago we completed another amazing shoot with Hayley and her adorable son Hasani. They had a blast. As usual it's always a tough job keeping a little toddler focused on the camera. Everything around him seems to be a distraction. None the less we managed and produced some images they will cherish forever.

On the road to Nelson Nevada (Ghost Town)

My son Joaquim and I decided to take a spin out to Nelson Nevada. The town of Nelson has a population of about 30 people, It's about 13 miles in on US Route 165. If you follow Route 165 you'll run right into the Colorado River, you can't miss it because the road ends at that point. There's a Gold Mine in Nelson and they offer tours out there. We basically just wanted to wonder around and explore the scenery. They warned us about the Snakes and Teddy Bear Cholla (Cactus). Here's some info on Nelson:-


Quite a few well known people go to Nelson for Photo shoots. Recently Beyonce did a shoot down there.

Local Pastry Shop

Earlier this week I visited a local pastry shop around 8pm to discuss some photography services I'll be doing for them. It was my wife's birthday, and the kids and I were suppose to be taking her our for dinner. Anyway such is life. It turned out quite lovely in the end anyway. The owner of the pastry shop made us dinner and it was quite lovely, we all enjoyed it. The kids had some gelato ice cream and italian pastry afterwards.Hopefully I'll be able to post many more images from this pastry shop in the near future.

Chocolate Dome


Bathsheba Photowalk

On a recent visit to Bathsheba on the East Coast in Barbados I was able to capture a few shots that I really enjoyed. Despite the very overcast day we were still able to take home some keepers. [gallery order="DESC"]

Dessert from Shana

Shana wanted to do something nice for her dad and thought it would be a good idea to buy him some dessert from her favorite patisserie shop. Dad welcomes your kind thoughts Shana. However just having you here is more than enough for me, don't get me wrong though the cake was awesome. :)


Photoshoot with Joaquim

Joaquim and I decided to do a quick photoshoot yesterday to test out a new 24x36 softbox to give some dramatic lighting using just one light. We took a few shoots using a second light to give a little rim lighting effect. However he preferred the one light photos more. [gallery columns="4"]

Strength from Within.....

Taking my photography to the next level has allowed me to express myself in a very artistic manner. I tend to look at my surroundings with a very different eye.This new development has now also caused those around me to expect a certain level of photography on a regular basis. Not a problem, sure I’ll keep them coming. However, most people will now tend to take certain things for granted. Hey, Shawn is a photographer so we can get him to shoot whatever ...... sorry to disappoint folks, it’s not always that easy.

Recently I’ve been asked to photograph a funeral…….


I was MOST honoured to be asked, but I must say it was the most difficult photography task I’ve encountered thus far. The emotions are un-believable from behind the camera. I truly can’t promise this is something I’d do on a regular basis. It was truly difficult.

Our prayers go out to you Canon Knight and your family. May you find comfort.

Veira Family Shoot

It’s such a joy to be able to have the opportunity to create photo shoots that are well received by the subjects. Always helps to have such fun loving people as well to photograph it makes the task at hand so much easier. When you look through the lens at this family you can actually feel the ‘love’. It was awesome. I truly enjoyed this photo shoot and will cherish it forever. Such memorable moments.