Looxcie LX2 Wearable Video Camera

The option to record your photo shoots just got easier (maybe). There's been quite a few times I've been out on a shoot and wish I could record stuff I see while still using my camera. So while browsing around on the net this morning I came across a viable option. Being the gadget freak I am it caught my eye. (The Looxcie LX2). I've never been one to use the bluetooth ear piece for my cell phone, it just freaked me out at the idea of what seems like I'm walking around talking to myself. Not to mention the blue flashing light to bring attention to myself. Hey I can just as well talk to myself without the earpiece. This video camera is capable of capturing up to 480p video and audio to a built-in 2GB memory chip and is bluetooth.Reviews suggest that the video quality on this device is pretty good.

The unit ships with a USB cable and various ear gels and over the ear clips for you to get the right size. You can charge it via USB and of course connect it to your computer to access the video files. You turn it on/off via a switch on the inner side of the unit. Once it's on you can start and stop recordings with a dedicated button. There is a green status light so that you know if it's on and a red light on the front to indicate recording.