Janelle Skeete

Janelle on a recent shoot for Pink Lemonade Clothing line.

Pauline's Photo Shoot

Pleasantly surprised today, my friend Lana Agard-Maxwell asked me in passing, "hey did you know you were mentioned in the local papers on Friday?" My reply to her was "NO!" I didn't know that. Just my luck I hardly ever read the local Advocate. Guess I should start now yes? Well as luck would have it for me, one of my contented models (Pauline Rouiller from France) enjoyed her photo shoot experience with me and she also had the resources needed to write a brief article in the local newspaper.

Here's what she had to say verbatim.

"Third one, by Shawn Fields. Oh waw professional make up, clothes changing, this is another level! OH WAW there is actually a studio downstairs! I suddenly hope I understood well the purpose of the afternoon. I know what you think right now, going to a dark basement with a man you don't know is not to do. But, his wife and kids are assistants! Reassured?

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They are very nice and make me feel more relaxed. He gives precise instructions so I don't have to use my expressions and moves talent too much. Whew. After hundreds of 'clicks', 4 or 5 pictures look.....not bad."

Many thanks Pauline and looking forward to shooting with you very soon again. You were awesome to work with.

Your makeup artist (Natasha Fields-Gittens) says she enjoyed working with you as well and look forward to the next time.

As always thanks to my faithful assistants (Lisa, Shana and Joaquim).

Three (3) Tips To Establish A Better Connection For Portrait Photography

[caption id="attachment_944" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Studio Shoot with my Crazy Model "Jazz Apple"."][/caption]  









Maybe you can try one of these tips next time you're doing a portrait photo.

1) Shooting straight on with your subject at or near eye-level establishes eye contact and a close relationship between the subject and the viewer. There is an intimacy to a straight on camera position that evokes an emotional response.

The straight on shot can work from any height, but it is most effective at eye level. If you want to establish an immediate connection between the viewer and the subject, shoot straight on.

2) Try to get an honest, genuine expression. Expression sells portraits. So get a real one. If you just tell someone to smile it rarely works as well as getting them to smile in a genuine manner. I am not above telling bad jokes to my subjects to get them to laugh or smile naturally. It makes the portrait more real and intimate in my opinion.

3) Take care of the technical stuff BEFORE the subject arrives for their portrait. Know those camera settings and lighting setups you want to use before they show up. The photographers who spend time fiddling with their cameras and gear won’t have as good a chance at establishing a real connection with their subjects.

Rachael Todd Photoshoot

A little while ago I got an opportunity to photograph a very friendly up and coming model Rachael Todd. She was such a joy to shoot, so very engaging. These shots were taken using two (2) Westcott TD-6 lights setup left and right of camera position. I took all these shots using my 70 - 200mm lens racked out at 200mm for most of the shots.

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Practice Shoot with Alicia

Thanks to Alicia Phillips and Brian Elcock I was able to have an awesome practice shoot on my day off. The only way to better your game is to practice, practice, practice. So on Thursday Brian Elcock and I had our lovely model in my studio for a practice photo shoot.We spent about 2 hours and tried various different techniques. We truly had a blast.

Veira Family Shoot

It’s such a joy to be able to have the opportunity to create photo shoots that are well received by the subjects. Always helps to have such fun loving people as well to photograph it makes the task at hand so much easier. When you look through the lens at this family you can actually feel the ‘love’. It was awesome. I truly enjoyed this photo shoot and will cherish it forever. Such memorable moments.


Aidan & Arin Photoshoot

Here's a photo shoot I did with these awesome kids. I actually did this shoot quite a while ago and it's definitely time for a new shoot with them. These kids are the result of my very dear friends and I truly believe that connection helped. It's photo shoots like this that make taking up my camera so worth while. Unfortunately they can't all go this well, however it certainly helps to try.