Eye-Fi to Wireless Device

Any of you that know me well, must know how much I love my iPad. Now to add icing to the cake Eye-Fi is now making it possible to shoot Tethered (wirelessly) to any iPad. I've been trying out the Eye-Fi Pro X2 Card in my Nikon D80 shooting wirelessly for a little while now. It works okay, however I find it works better in studio than when out on location. Today Eye-Fi just announced a new card (yeah you just can't keep up, always something new coming out). The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 which is a cheaper card that offers Direct to iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android mobile device shooting WITHOUT the need for a WiFi hotspot. Removing the WiFi hotspot requirement and going direct in an AdHoc fashion makes this solution even better. However, don't fret if you bought the Pro X2 card like I did. They are going to release a firmware update to the existing cards next week. Keep in mind that the Pro X2 card does handle RAW and Geotagging. The new card does not. I can only imagine that people wanting to shoot and share those images even with some minor retouching/adjustments, from a tablet device directly will now be able to do so freely from anywhere. This is going to be awesome.

If you don't have an Eye-Fi card yet, you can get the NEW Mobile X2 8GB card with the Direct Mode love built-in from Amazon.

Not available for the Compact Flash as yet.