What's the best Camera to get?

Just because everyone else is buying it, doesn't mean it's the right camera for you 

A recent Bloomberg report indicated that Canon held 44.5 percent of the camera market, with Nikon increasing its share to 29.7 percent. Based on what I see on a regular basis the majority of cameras I see in the field tend to be Nikon. Is this true or is it just that I use a Nikon and seem to pay more attention to them. I recently came across a poll.

As you can see, the results of were remarkably similar to the initial report. Canon still held the lead, but by a slightly smaller percentage.

So what does this mean if anything at all?

First, I think it's important to point out that both brands are equally capable in the right hands. Photographer are using iPhones these days to make wonderful photos. Go figure....

Ultimately, this type of healthy competition is in the best interest of the consumer as each company works to gain market share through price cuts and added features. The result is a wide array of professional quality DSLRs with reasonable sticker prices. As this trend continues, the line between the super high-end and prosumer bodies will become increasingly blurred.

Consider these questions when asking which camera.

1 ) What subject(s) will you photograph most often? Weddings, portraits, wildlife, sports, landscapes, still lifes, food, fashion, etc. 2 ) What gear (if any) do you now own? 3 ) If you had to choose between ease of use and power, which would you select? 4 ) Do you want a compact pocket-sized camera (point and shoot) or a DSLR? 5 ) On a scale of 1-10 (10 being a working pro and 1 being someone who usually shoots with a disposable camera) how would you rate your skill? 6 ) What is the MOST money you’d be willing to spend on a camera? 7 ) How long do you think you might keep the camera? 8 ) What do your friends use? 9 ) Do you have a local camera store that can offer you support?

Considering this ongoing tug-o-war, it can be difficult to pinpoint which camera is right for you. Besides Canon and Nikon, there are excellent Pentax models, Sony, Olympus, Fuji, and more. Before deciding on one, I recommend looking into their entire line of dedicated lenses and flashes. Remember, you're not just buying into a camera body, but rather an entire system of products.