five (5) item that caught my attention in 2012

Happy New Year to all! So I decided to start a business type page on Facebook as an extension to my website/blog, as well as my Google + page. Here's the URL should you care to pop over there from time to time (link) .  I’m guessing sometimes I’ll have some cool stuff on photography. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I truly hope that some of you find the time to read the content from time to time and benefit from the information as well.

Here’s five (5) items I came across in 2012, in no particular order that I think really rocked when I saw them.

One (1)

Moo Cards





Business cards from Moo. These are really cool for photographers to displays images. Moo allows you to upload fifty (50) images and they will place one image on each card. So just image displaying a number of images to someone you’d like to give a card to and asking them to choose the image they like. Twenty bucks US will get you 50 cards.

Two (2)

Wacom Intuos5 touch Pen Tablet




The Intuos5 tablet is just amazing. I’ve been totally spoilt after using the Intuos4 and now the Intuos5 is even better. I can’t edit my images unless I’m using this device. Try it out you’ll love it.

Price: Small—$229; Medium—$349; Wireless Accessory Kit—$39.95

Three (3)

The Big Jambox



This is just so cool. Perfect for taking on that location shoot. It’s  a Bluetooth speaker, therefore it’ll work with a number of devices.


Four (4)

Samsung Galaxy S III



If I weren’t such an Apple Junkie this phone would definitely be an option for me. However for all of you out there not so committed to Apple products you might want to give this phone a try.

Five (5)

Photographing Women: 1000 Poses


I photograph quite a few females and one of my biggest challenges is finding the right pose for my subjects. I do have times when the subject is a professional model or knows how to strike a pose.

However when I came across this book on amazon I decided to read the reviews and wow did it get good reviews.