Strength from Within.....

Taking my photography to the next level has allowed me to express myself in a very artistic manner. I tend to look at my surroundings with a very different eye.This new development has now also caused those around me to expect a certain level of photography on a regular basis. Not a problem, sure I’ll keep them coming. However, most people will now tend to take certain things for granted. Hey, Shawn is a photographer so we can get him to shoot whatever ...... sorry to disappoint folks, it’s not always that easy.

Recently I’ve been asked to photograph a funeral…….


I was MOST honoured to be asked, but I must say it was the most difficult photography task I’ve encountered thus far. The emotions are un-believable from behind the camera. I truly can’t promise this is something I’d do on a regular basis. It was truly difficult.

Our prayers go out to you Canon Knight and your family. May you find comfort.